2024 4th International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Control Science (IC2ECS 2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Electrical Engineering

· Stable Operation and Control of Power Systems

· Electrical Machines and their Intelligent Control Systems

· Power Transmission and Control Technology

· Control Theory and Applications in Power Electronics and Transmission

· Operation and control of new energy devices

· Intelligent control and information processing technology

· New technology of power electronics and motion control

· Computer measurement and control and network technology

· Intelligent building technology

· Control methods and applications of large systems

· Intelligent decision-making methods and applications

· Image algorithms and machine vision and applications

· Language recognition generation and applications

· inertial technology

· Guidance, Control and Simulation

· Principles and applications of autonomous astronomical navigation

· Computer vision measurement and navigation

· Digital ultrasound imaging systems

· Linear and non-linear control

· Adaptive, system-discriminative control

· Variable structure, quantum control

· Fuzzy logic and neural networks

· Predictive, inferential control

· Error-tolerant, multivariate control

· Discrete-event dynamic systems

· kinematic body navigation and guidance

· Multi-sensor integration and fusion

· Embedded systems

· Optimal, Robust Control

· Process Optimisation and Scheduling

Control Science

· Power systems and their automationElectricity market research and analysis

· Artificial Intelligence Technology in Power Systems

· Power system optimization

· Power distribution automation systems

· Large-scale generator design and new cooling technologies 

· Theory, operation, monitoring and diagnosis of large motors

· Theoretical analysis of the internal physical field of motors

· Noise reduction techniques for large equipment

· Power electronics and power transmission

· Power quality improvement and power signal processing technology

· Research on special power supplies

· Signal detection in power systems

· Electronic protection of electrical installations

· High voltage and insulation technology

· Online testing and fault diagnosis of electrical equipment

· Overvoltage and insulation coordination in power systems

· Engineering dielectrics and special insulation technology

· Application of high voltage technology in non-electric systems

· Electromagnetic compatibility of power systems

· Electrical engineering theory and new technologies

· Circuit analysis and optimal design

· Ecological and environmental effects of electromagnetic fields

· Neural networks and genetic algorithms

· New sensors

· Multimedia Database Theory and Applications

· Applied computer information processing design

· Design of mechanical and electrical drawings

· Preparation of CNC machining programs

· Artificial Intelligence Expert Systems